Visit us at Hampton Court 1st – 7th July 2019

Cotswold Estates and Gardens are part of a team designing, building and delivering the Year of Green Action Garden at this years Hampton Court Garden Festival.

This accessible, sensory-rich family garden shows how engaging with the natural world can foster deep, lasting connections, motivating us to care and act for the environment.

Visitors can explore hanging tactile living panels, plants grown for their sensory appeal and children’s miniature garden worlds. The journey continues through scented nectar-rich flowers to a haven of hidden dens and sensory snug that provides a space for vital time out and relaxation.

The garden promotes sustainable gardening practices such as saving water, re-using materials and caring for nature, demonstrating how people and wildlife can live in harmony.

Designed by
Helen J Rosevear and Jane Stoneham
Built by
Cotswold Estates and Gardens Ltd
Sponsored by
Sensory Trust

Artist impression of the Sensory Show Garden