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Super economical in garden landscape cost terms, attractive and highly desirable for most, the % of your garden space laid to lawn will dramatically impact the final cost/m².

Seeding is less expensive than turf, and the grade of turf chosen for your lawn further varies the cost. With those branded as hard wearing or weed-free being more expensive than the basic general-purpose variety. As ever preparation is key and costs including preparation and laying the turf vary between £10 and £30/m². Complications encountered can further add to this amount, examples of these being, taking up old turf, the addition of new topsoil if the existing is of a poor quality and access arrangements to the garden.

Other surface coverings

You might also want to consider loose gravel (low cost) rate / m²or resin bonded gravel (high cost) rate / m²

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Amenity turf
Amenity turf
Garden lawn
Garden laid to lawn