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Where to start?

So how much does garden landscaping cost? If only the answer were as simple as the question!

In truth there is no easy answer to calculating garden landscaping cost and certainly no magic formula, there are though indicating factors and guiding principles that should be sufficient to give an idea or estimate as to the cost of the proposed work.

This garden landscaping cost guide has been designed to open early conversation of expected cost expectations to give a realistic indication of probable expenditure. With our role as a design and build garden and landscape specialist being to guide and assist your decision-making thoughts. Enabling your garden visions to match the reality of the budget available.

The Headlines

As an absolute ‘back of the envelope’ figure, similar to the house building industry, landscaping has long worked on a rough and ready price per square meter figure.

In our experience given that we only deliver high-quality garden projects, we consider there to be three price brackets with these being determined by a combination of factors comprising existing ground conditions and desired features/finished effect.

Taking this information as a base guideline you can start to see that if your garden is on a slope and you are looking to incorporate a high intensity of quality garden features such as retaining walls raised beds, edging, steps, a bespoke pergola with a reasonably sized pond you will need a budget of approximately  £250 - 300/m² whereas if you have a flat cleared garden and plan to mainly lay lawn spending the project budget on targeted features of maybe a small decking area, simple fence and economically designed but aesthetically pleasing borders your budget is going to be approximately £75-100/m².

Unpicking this ‘back of an envelope’ approach to establishing a first estimate of likely cost further we can go on to look at comparison costs for the features that you might wish to incorporate into your garden.

Once again these are indicative and this information is designed only to give an idea of what the actual cost might be.



You can start to see how careful choice of material and segmentation of space can dramatically influence price, maybe you can think of some areas of your garden that deserve a high-cost solution and some that will be equally as ‘happy’ with less expenditure. In most gardens, designing a space that is aesthetically beautiful and practical to use generally requires a combination of surface coverings. This is where the skill of a professional designer comes into play, matching the number of priority areas to the budget and ensuring that the look, feel and usability of the spaces matches your expectations.

In Conclusion

In essence, the back of the envelope figures of an amount per m² quoted at the start of this article are a good indicator of the overall garden landscaping costs expected for your project.  Especially when coupled with the logic that dictates that the more features designed into a garden the more costly the project will be.

The bespoke nature of garden designs and the features chosen makes building your own meaningful cost estimate without assistance beyond this figure difficult, but do contact us for advice. We are always happy to discuss your garden ideas and our team will provide budget costs for your projects.  As a professional design and build specialist, we are required to keep up to date with best practice advice and current legal compliance for both design and construction. We are frequently researching landscape products, including the latest developments in sustainable materials and time saving technical solutions. We work carefully to ensure that the most appropriate and cost-effective methods of construction are used and the design ideas are built as intended.