Originally constructed in the late 18th Century, the sluice gate at this Cirencester Mill is an important part of our local heritage. In 2021 the current owners commissioned Cotswold Estates and Gardens to replace the sluice gates and walkway, fence and gates with new oak timbers, thus restoring the sluice gate and surrounds to their former glory.
Designed as a corn mill, the original design drawings were not able to be found, instead the project team based their design on drawings dating from 1971 which is when the last upgrade is believed to have happened. These drawings presented their own challenges proving to be inaccurate as several of the individual beams had during the passage of time been replaced in an adhoc manner including the bottom beam which had been replaced with concrete!
sluice gate
Original sluice gate
Sluice drawings from the 1971 rebuild!
New oak sluice gate
New oak gate and footbridge