Whether you are considering using our professional virtual garden design services or thinking of having a go at a DIY garden design project this garden design checklist will be helpful for you.

Asking yourself key questions at the start of your design project will shape your thoughts and although requiring initial effort will save you precious time in the long run.

Garden design checklist questions

Question 1 – Who uses the garden?

Is it a garden for a family, for individuals or larger gatherings? Is this going to change in the future and does anyone using the garden have specific accessibility requirements?

Question 2- What is the gardens intended use?

What do you mainly want to use your garden space for? Intended uses might include outdoor dining, playing football, relaxing, wildlife or vegetable growing.

Question 3 – When is the garden used?

What times of day do you usually spend in your garden, do you like to be outside in the summer and winter and do you think this might change?

Question 4 – What are the potential problems?

Is there anything that stops your garden working well for you at the moment, maybe a safety or security concern, an area that’s susceptible to flooding or physically inaccessible. Are there any particularly noisy places in the garden?

Question 5 – What practical elements need to be included?

Do you need to hide your bin storage area or find somewhere for a washing line? Where will you store your garden furniture and don’t forget to think about your pets and their requirements!

Question 6 – Who will maintain the garden?

Is this something you plan to do yourself, do you have the knowledge and the time or will you employ a specialised contractor such as Cotswold Estates and Gardens to do this?

Question 7- Do you have a timescale and a budget?

Having an understanding, of your available budget and how far this might stretch is crucial to defining the scope of your project, in terms of materials used and extent of work.  In terms of work schedule if your need is urgent this may narrow your choice of contractor.  It may be that the most proficient will have a waiting list and won’t be available immediately.

Question 8 – Have you a preferred style for both the hard and soft landscaping?

Do you prefer natural materials or manmade, contemporary or cottage garden, only you can decide! Creating a mood board of ideas taken from garden or lifestyle magazines such as Cotswold Life can help!

Question 9 – Are there any planning considerations to take into account?

What are you allowed to change without planning consent? Are you in a conservation area, or do your trees have TPO’s (trees preservation orders) attached to them? Are there any rights of way crossing your land or other legal restrictions that might affect your plans?

Start your design!

These are just some of the questions that will help guide your way to designing the garden of your dreams.  Hopefully this garden design checklist will be a helpful hand if you have decided on the DIY garden approach.  If this sounds daunting our in house garden designer is available for a free initial virtual garden design consultation, contact us at info@estatesandgardens.co.uk