1. Don’t wait till the last minute, live trees are cut during October and November, choosing early gives you more time to enjoy and care for your tree!
  2. Check your measurements, whilst big is beautiful you still need to be able to transport your tree home.
  3. Buy an unwrapped tree, not only will the branches not be bent, the tree will last longer as will be able to maintain its own micro-climate and will not start to decompose dropping its needles too early.
  4. Needles should feel waxy to the touch and should be dark green in colour.
  5. To aid needle retention saw a few cm’s off the bottom of the trunk and soak the tree overnight in water (like a bunch of flowers).
  6. Use a stand that can hold water, trees can loose (by evaporation) several litres of water a day, watering the tree to replace this loss will prolong the life of your tree.
  7. After the fun and festivities are over don’t forget to recycle your tree!

Happy Christmas!