Bare root planting good idea or not?

The weather over the past few days seems to have rapidly deteriorated into wet and wintery. These climatic conditions don’t automatically lead to spending time in the garden however planting bare root specimens between November and April will not only save money over using container grown plants but can also lead to more successful long-term establishment.

Dormant on arrival once planted the roots of bare root plants continue growth in their natural manner without the lasting restricting influence of their container grown opposites. Constriction can lead to pot bound and dense root clumps which are less able to spread out and establish in new ground. The expansive root system of a bare rooted plant is better able to cope with drought, will need less irrigation and be more stable, able to grow quickly to anchor into the ground.

The compost in containers can be home to a number of seriously troublesome garden pests, bare root plants are far less likely to introduce unwanted invaders into your garden.

Finally transportation to your garden will be much easier and less expensive with bare root plants being far smaller and easier to transport.

What to do next! 

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