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I don't know where to start, do you offer advice?
Yes. Most of our clients are unsure how best to make the most of their garden, but are certain there is room for improvement. We really enjoy every garden project, large or small, so please contact us to find out how our expert team can help, and arrange a no-obligation first visit.

Can you help with one off projects?
Yes we can give you a fixed price or a day rate for a garden rejuvenation, often clients ask us for hedge cutting,  fence and patio repairs or help on how to solve garden dilemmas such as poorly draining soil, sick plants or problem ponds.

Will landscaping my garden make it easier to manage?
Depending on the design you choose, yes! For example, installing an irrigation system will save on manual watering and use of mulch will help keep weeds away. Choosing ‘easy’ plants can also dramatically reduce the hours of garden labour needed.

How long will it take for my plants to look good?
Patience is key here, your garden designer will have chosen plants that suit your space but they do take time to mature and flourish into the available spaces. It’s always best to manage expectations and check on a plant by plant basis. Don’t forget that looking after your plants takes time with each requiring a bespoke package of pruning, watering and feeding care to look its best. We can help with this too and offer an ongoing garden maintenance and aftercare service which includes a plant guarantee.

Mine is only a small garden, is there a minimum garden size?
No, we offer bespoke design, construction and maintenance on all sizes of gardens in town and country locations. Please look at our gallery to see the variety of our work. However we do have a minimum charge per project of approx £500.  We are a large and well resourced company with a multi-skilled directly employed workforce and projects of this size and larger are better suited to our capabilities.

I already have a design, are you able to build and plant?
Yes, we construct many gardens and landscapes that have been designed by other professionals and are happy to quote for these projects. Our project managers are experienced in working with Landscape Architects and clients to deliver their design.

When is the best time of year to landscape my garden?
Not as straight forward as it might seem, luckily our Cotswold climate is pretty landscaping friendly for most of the year leaving much of this decision to you. Whilst the days are longer and mostly dryer in the summer you might decide you would rather have your outdoor space to yourself at this time of year leaving the colder winter months to the landscapers. We come well prepared with ‘ground guards’ to protect your surfaces and will always work in as clean and tidy a manner as possible.

How much will it cost to design and build my garden?
After our first, no obligation visit, we will advise you on the design fees depending on the scale and type of service you require. We provide a garden Design-Build service that means we develop a bespoke design and provide you with a fixed price to build and plant it. Follow this link to find out more about likely design and build costs.

I need regular visits to keep my garden tidy, can you help?
Yes, we have many clients where our skilled horticulturalists provide a range of regular maintenance options, services often include lawn mowing, hedge trimming, pruning and weeding.  We also have clients who only use us once a year for their Autumn tidy!

Do I need planning permission?
Not always as straight forward as you might think, this is definitely one for our garden design team who are experienced in this field. It is always worth checking with the local planners, particularly when considering surface coverings in respect to permeability and also for any tree preservation orders that may be in force for trees in your garden.

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